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What To Expect From Post Renovation Cleaning

What To Expect From Post Renovation Cleaning

Many people believe that a post-renovation cleaning service is only necessary if the home or office has been recently renovated. However, new construction can cause a certain amount of dust and dirt to be released into the air, which may eventually find its way onto your furniture and other furnishings.

The truth is that it’s best to schedule professional post-renovation cleaning services in order to avoid any potential problems down the line. Read on for more information about what you should expect when hiring professionals for this task.

What Is Post-renovation Cleaning?

Post-renovation cleaning is basically the process of deep cleaning a home after construction work has been completed.

This type of service can typically be scheduled at your convenience, and it involves in-depth dusting, sanitizing, and vacuuming throughout all areas of your house or office building.

What to Expect After Post-renovation Cleaning Is Done

Once the professionals have completed post-renovation cleaning in your home or office, you can expect to see a number of positive changes such as:

Windows Are Washed and Wiped Clean

Windows are often neglected during construction. However, they can quickly get dirty and smudged with dust after the renovations have been completed.

After post-renovation cleaning services have been performed in your home or business office, you’ll be happy to see that all windows will be washed and wiped clean from dirt and debris.

Plastic/Sticker Is Removed From Furniture, Windows, and Doors

When you hire professionals for post-renovation cleaning, there’s a very good chance that their first step will involve removing any stickers or plastic covering the furniture and other items in your home.

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This is because construction workers often use these materials to protect surfaces from scratches while they work on different areas of the building.

Once everything has been completed, it can be difficult (and sometimes nearly impossible) to remove all of these protective layers without causing damage.

By hiring professionals for post-renovation cleaning services, you’ll never have to worry about damaging any part of your house again!

Your Walls Are Cleaned and Dusted

After construction work has been completed, your walls may be covered with a layer of dust and debris.

Post-renovation cleaning services will include thoroughly washing all wall surfaces to remove any dirt or residue that’s accumulated over the months (or even years) of renovations.

Floors Are Clean and Polished

Floors are often covered with construction debris, dust, dirt, and grime after renovations have been completed.

Post-renovation cleaning services will include thoroughly sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming all floor surfaces to remove any particles that could potentially be harmful to your health.

The professionals may also decide to use a special type of cleaning and polishing solution in order to sanitize these areas so you can feel completely safe walking barefoot throughout the house again!

Hardware Is Clean and Free From Dust

Construction workers often use certain types of hardware to hang pictures, appliances, and other items while they work on a home.

However, after renovations have been completed, these pieces may be covered with a thin layer of dust that you won’t want in your house anymore!

The professionals will clean all hardware pieces before hanging them back on the walls or replacing them inside cabinets.

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Trash Is Properly Disposed Of

After renovations have been completed, there’s a good chance that your trash cans are overflowing with construction debris.

Post-renovation cleaning services will include thoroughly removing all items from the trash and then disposing of them in an appropriate manner, so you don’t attract any pests or rodents to your property.

Potential Issues Are Addressed

In certain cases, you may have a few issues that need to be addressed after post-renovation cleaning has been performed.

For example, if the professionals notice any mold or mildew spots growing in your home, they will take extra steps to remove these contaminants, so you don’t breathe them in and potentially become ill!

All Appliances Are Cleaned and Inspected

Construction workers often use appliances during renovations, but they may not take the time to wash them down before leaving.

Post-renovation cleaning services will include thoroughly removing all residues that could be harmful to you or your family members if ingested (such as lead).

The professionals will also make sure each appliance is working properly and inspect it for any potential safety hazards.


Now that you’ve read this blog post, you should be able to make a more informed decision when it comes time for your next renovation.

If you have more questions or are still not sure about what type of cleaning services are best for your needs, contact us today!