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What Are the Phases of Post-Renovation Cleaning

What Are the Phases of Post-Renovation Cleaning

Many of us have been there, you’ve just finished a renovation and it’s time to clean up. You can’t wait to see your beautiful new space, but before you do so it is important that the construction dust and debris be removed from all surfaces by a reliable post-renovation cleaner in Malaysia.

This blog post will show you what phases need to be completed for after-renovation cleaning.

Phase 1: Rough Clean

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When you hire a cleaner, the first thing they will do is a rough clean. A rough, or “rough-in” clean ensures that the entire space is free from debris, dust, and other unneeded construction materials.

The professionals will come into your area and inspect the place. They will then draw up a plan on how to go about cleaning it. This blueprint will let you know which areas need to be cleaned, what cleaning supplies are needed and any other special requests that were made.

Once the plan has been set, the cleaner will then conduct a full sweep of the area. This means that not only will they clean up all debris, but also dust and other space-cluttering items such as paint chips or nails.

This phase is conducted after the plumbing and electrical wireframing. Following the completion of this step, you may proceed with the painting and flooring of your area. The cleaners will remove all large items that cannot be vacuumed during this period.

During this phase, they will also clear stickers as well as other dust particles from the doors, windows, and cupboards. They will begin working on the second phase after the first phase is completed.

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Phase 2: Light Clean

The second phase requires more work, time, and equipment to complete. In this phase, professional cleaners will do deep cleaning such as removing dust, dirt, and debris from hard-to-reach places. They will also use cleaning products that are meant to kill bacteria and mold.

This phase is usually completed on a weekend when there will be less movement in the area so it’s ideal for them if they can move around furniture easily without causing too much disruption.

The cleaner may choose this time of day based upon your preferences, but you should expect some noise since certain machines such as vacuums and steam cleaners may be used during this period.

The second phase finishes after all debris has been removed from hard-to-reach places like behind cabinets, baseboards, or under counters where dust tends to settle. Your bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen are usually the main focus of this phase.

Phase 3: Touch Up Clean

This is the most critical and last stage of post-renovation cleaning. It is done after a few days of light cleaning. The cleaners spend one week identifying the places where the majority of the dirt accumulates. This step takes some time to complete. During this phase, they will remove any remaining stains, spots, and smudges from your surface.

During this phase, cleaners will clean your upholstery such as sofas and curtains. They will also conduct a thorough cleaning of your cooking areas such as the oven, fridge, and countertops to ensure that all germs are cleaned away.

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Your garage, basement, or any other areas that may be used for storage are also included in this phase.

At this point, you can move back into your fully renovated space knowing it’s clean.

In a Nutshell

We hope this blog post has given you some insight into the three phases of post-renovation cleaning. If you’ve found yourself in a similar situation or are considering cleaning your home after renovation, we encourage you to contact our team for more information on how we can help.

Our experts know firsthand what it takes to get everything back up and running after construction is complete!